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     October 2018

Pangbourne; New Milton
The Wrekin
Visit to  Copenhagen
Walk:Abdon Burf
Terrcotta Wariors
Peter Leopard's 80th
1993 Pictures
Caer Caradoc
North York Moors, Pickering & Whitby
Pat's Elephant
Delamere Forest with Nigel
The Stiperstones
Enid's Funeral
Buxton Walks, July Flowers
Charliie & Carleen's graduations.
Walk: Stone to Trentham
Concert: Symphony Hall
Diamond Wedding Celebrations


Borrell, Munich, 2008 The web site presents a largely pictorial account of our family, our activities and our work. It is hoped that they will provide our grandchildren with a helpful picture of what has been for us and many others in the developed world, a wonderful, almost golden age. We hope that they have as much luck and happiness in their lives as we have had in ours.
Patricia and Peter Borrell, 2018
The Family
You will find pages on our parents and other older relatives, our brothers and sisters, the children both when young, and later with their families, the grandchildren when young, as well as ourselves.There are a number of inter-connected family trees as well.
Borrell, Wedding, 1958
Borrell, Hochgurgl Sundog Our Activities and Holidays
These pages show the recreational aspects of our lives - activities and events, boating, the garden, holidays, skiing, visits and walks. Each is organised on an annual basis. Then on many pages there are cross references to the other aspects in that year. The Contents List provides a handy way to find what entries can be found for the various years.
Biographical Pieces
Here you'll find some written material, including our Christmas Letters which provide a factual account of our lives, year by year. There is also a list of all the operas seen from 1960 to 2017, books Peter has read, and some recorded memories as well, together with a letter from King George V to my father in 1918 on his release from a prisoner of war camp. In addition there are some diaries and logbooks. 
Borrell, King George V letter
ndex Finding your way around
The site is mainly organised around  the recreational aspects of our lives with each aspect summarised in an overall page, subdivided into annual pages. The various aspects can be reached with the navigation sidebar at the top left of most pages.
     Then there is an index to  most of the friends shown, as well as the places we visited. There are special entries for archeological remains, museums and zoos and separate index pages for churches and cathedrals, for country houses and castles and for birds, wild flowers and garden plants.
     The Contents List gives an overview of what  can be seen on an annual basis. Within many of the annual entries there are cross references to other activities in that year.
Pat with the Discharge Flow shock tube P&PMB  Consultants
The consultancy was set up in 1999 when we retired, in order to facilitate the further scientific and coordination work that we undertook until we decided to finish finally in 2011. The publications list gives a glimpse of our research, teaching and computing activities in the earlier years. There are also pictures of many of our collaborators and the various pieces of scientific apparatus that we designed, built and used.